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Building Enveloping Services


It’s our job to help protect what’s inside your building by making sure the outside is secure. Our expertise and knowledge of the building envelope allows us to do just that.


Envelope1The Building Envelope Includes

• Exterior Glass, Curtain Walls & Storefronts

• Windows And Doors

• Exterior Wall Systems

• Roofs, Balconies And Skylights

• At And Below Grade Slabs

• Foundations And Basements


Water intrusion is the single most common, and destructive, problem related to the structural integrity of a building. Hiring a qualified Building Envelope Consultant before, during & after construction provides the owner with a reasonable assurance against these problems. Arizona’s Roof Consultant focuses on solving, or preventing, performance problems related to the enclosures of buildings. Our role is to collaborate with owners, designers and builders of construction projects to create the best possible building envelope system and details. On new construction projects we will review plans, specs, drawings & submittals and identify potential long term problems. We can perform building surveys on existing buildings as well and provide owners with a comprehensive report of our findings and recommendations. Early recognition of existing or potential problems is a cost effective way of extending the performance of your building envelope systems.

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